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Nissan Rogue Owners Manual: Moving Object Detection (MOD) (if so equipped)

The MOD system can inform the driver of moving objects behind the vehicle when backing out of garages, maneuvering in parking lots and in other such instances.

The MOD system detects moving objects by using image processing technology on the image shown in the display.

The MOD system operates in the following conditions when the camera view is displayed:

The MOD system does not detect moving objects in the front-side view. TheMODsystem icon is not displayed on the screen when in this view.

  •  The MOD system is not a substitute for proper vehicle operation and does not prevent contact with the objects surrounding the vehicle. When maneuvering, always use the outside mirror and rear view mirror and turn and look to check the surroundings to make sure it is safe to maneuver.
  •  The MOD system is not designed to detect surrounding stationary objects.

Moving Object Detection

If the MOD system detects the moving objects surrounding the vehicle, the yellow frame will be displayed on the camera image and a chime sounds.

When the MOD system detects a moving object surrounding the vehicle, the yellow frame will be displayed on the view where the objects are detected and a chime will sound once. While the MOD system continues to detect moving objects, the yellow frame continues to be displayed.

In the bird’s-eye view, the yellow 1 is displayed on each camera image (front, rear, right, left) depending on where moving objects are detected.

The yellow frame 2 is displayed on each view in the front view, rear view modes.

A blue MOD icon is displayed in the view where theMODsystem is operative. A grayMODicon is displayed in the view where the MOD system is not operative.

If theMODsystem is turned off, theMODicon 3 is not displayed.

Turning the MOD system on or off

The MOD system is turned on or off using the settings menu in the vehicle information display.

A blue MOD icon is displayed if the MOD is operative.

A gray MOD icon is displayed if the MOD is not operative.

  1.  Press the button until “Settings” displays in the vehicle information display. Use the to select “Driver Assistance”.

    Then press the ENTER button.

  2.  Select “Parking Aids”, and press the ENTER button.
  3.  To set the MOD system to on or off, use the buttons to navigate in the menu and use the ENTER button to select or change an item:

Moving Object Detection (MOD) malfunction

  •  Do not use the MOD system when towing a trailer. The system may not function properly.
  •  Excessive noise (for example, audio system volume or open vehicle window) will interfere with the chime sound, and it may not be heard.
  •  The MOD system performance will be limited according to environmental conditions and surrounding objects such as:
  •  When there is low contrast between background and the moving objects.
  •  When there is blinking source of light.
  •  When strong light such as another vehicle’s headlight or sunlight is present.
  •  When there is dirt, water drops or snow on the camera lens.
  •  When the position of the moving objects in the display is not changed.
  •  The MOD system might detect something like flowing water droplets on the camera lens, white smoke from the muffler, moving shadows, etc.
  •  The MOD system may not function properly depending on the speed, direction, distance or shape of the moving objects.
  •  If your vehicle sustains damage to the parts where the camera is installed, leaving it misaligned or bent, the sensing zone may be altered and the MOD system may not detect objects properly.

When the orange MOD icon is displayed in the view, the system is not functioning properly. This will not hinder normal driving operation but the system should be inspected by a NISSAN dealer.

Camera Maintenance

If dirt, rain or snow accumulates on the camera, theMODsystem may not operate properly. Clean the camera.

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